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Tenancy management

Tenancy management

>Services in the Duration of the Lease

* A follow-up inquiry call within 10 days after the client’s move-in
* An E-mail Inquiry for further follow-up every six weeks
* Conduct minor maintenance services when needed
* Collecting all the debit notes, utilities fees bills and other charges bills from both the landlord and property management office at the end of each month.
* Send our clients the Monthly Payment Management Chart with all the bills attached
* Ensure that every payment is done correctly and on time by clients
* Make sure all the payment coming back with official receipts

>Break-lease administration and negotiation:

In the absence of an early termination clause in the Tenancy Agreement we will:
 * Find a replacement tenant for the property
 * Negotiate with the landlord to reduce deposits lost

If early termination is stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement, we will:
 * Inform the Landlord at the appropriate time
 * Ensure the refund of deposits are refunded

>Expiry of the Lease:

In case of extension:
 *  Inform client about upcoming lease expiration and advise them of current market price, negotiate  a new lease term
 *  Stipulate the extension contract and arrange relevant assistants

In case of termination:
 * Check the property with our client and the landlord before expiry date
 * Help our client to do repair and cleaning work if required
 * Assist in refund of the deposit
 * Assist in check-out procedure