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Apartment cleaning ways

Does your apartment need some extra clean? Even you stay on top of cleaning week to week, sooner or later youll need to do a deep cleaning. Its not exactly fun, but the results are worth it. So take some cleaning equipment and start now!

How to deep clean your apartment:

Start up from the higher area. Use a duster to get into the corners of the ceiling. If you don’t have a duster long enough, use the bristle end of your broom covered in a old clothes. If your apartment has molding, be sure to dust that. If the molding area is extra dirty, you can give it a deep scrub. If it’s possible, pull all of your furniture away from the walls and push them into the center of the room. Use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean the corner.

Start with the ceiling and follow the same process as what you did in the living areas.
You need deep clean your refrigerator. Start by throwing away any old or expired food, then empty the refrigerator completely. Use a mop to wipe down the shelves and drawers with a gentle cleaning solution. Dry them if needed, and then return all foods to the refrigerator.
And then clean the microwave, oven and stove.at last , sweep and mop the apartment floor.

Follow the same process as you did in the living room, starting from the top and working your way down to the floors. Also remove and wash all of your bedding etc.

Begin by dusting the corners and wiping walls as needed. Then, use glass cleaner and a mop to wipe the mirror. If applicable, take down the shower curtain and wash it. And then replace the shower curtain liner if needed. Next, clean and wipe down the outside of the toilet, finally, sweep and mop the floor.

Enjoy you super clean apartment!