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Qingdao Apartments move out tips

To help keep everything under control Qingdao apartments has put together an essential to-do list for the tenants who are planning a move. These are the absolute musts if you want to get your deposit back and make a smooth transfer to your new apartments.

30 Days Notice Before Moving

Normally the lease contract required the tenant to give the landlord written notice that they intend to move out at least 30 days before the move. Be careful about getting this done, because if you wait too long your lease may renew or you may have to pay an additional month’s rent. If the lease renews because the notice was received late there’s also a good chance you won’t get the deposit back.

Change Your Address

Contact with the necessary people or company to let them know you’ll be moving.

Clean the Qingdao apartments

In order to get your full deposit back the apartment must be in the exact same condition as when you moved in. That means you need to deep clean the apartment, including the floor, walls, furniture and home appliances.

Handover all the Qingdao apartments keys

You need to give back all the apartment keys to the landlords, including:
  • door keys
  • Mail box keys
  • Entrance card for the Qingdao compound