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Remove mold in the Qingdao apartments

Mold is a serious problem for the Qingdao apartments. Not only because it’s  a health hazard, but also it might indicate an underlying problem such as moisture build-up behind walls or underneath floorboards.

Deep clean the mold

Just cleaning the mold off from the surfaces won’t solve the problem. So, the first step to take if you notice mold in your Qingdao apartment is to notify management promptly. Clean with a mild solution of bleach and water. If you’re allergic to the mold, pregnant etc, ask someone else to clean  the mold for you.
Throw away the mops which used to clean up the mold, as well as any materials which mold might be growing on, such as shower curtains,anti slip mat etc.
But normally this might be just a short term fix. There may be additional mold which can not be visible, and mold may grow because you don’t have access to fix the underlying problem .

Ask your landlord to solve the mold problem

Give your landlord written notice of the problem. In the notice, describe the problem and what kind of help you’re looking for.
If your landlord ignores your request, delays too long or doesn take adequate action to solve the problem, please ask Home solutions to help you.