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How to Rent an Apartment in Qingdao

Rent an apartment in Qingdao requires planning, although it has had a real estate boom in recent years in Qingdao ,but there aren’t a wide range Qingdao apartments available for rent for foreigners as the decoration and furniture style are different with the requirement of expats. Rental contract of the Qingdao apartments or villas can also be confusing, so it’s best to have a Qingdao real estate agent to negotiate the deal.

Step 1: Find a trustable local agent
You’d better choose some agents who can speak English and they should be the company, but not individual agent, as you know, the company can ensure the service to be continuous, and more trustable. Home Solutions Real Estate Co.,Ltd is the top real estate agent and relocation company in Qingdao, most employees in their company have the background of working or studying abroad, the company have worked with many MNC in Qingdao, such as BOSCH ,NESTLE, Maersk, Jones Long Lasalle etc. Many expats in Qingdao will introduce the company to you if you checked with them.

Step 2:Choose the most suitable area for living
Most of the expats will choose the east of Shinan district and Laoshan district as their home in Qingdao, the east of Shinan district is the traditional CBD of Qingdao, many choices for shopping and fun, also plenty of office space can be chosen as the office.
However ,The problem of Shinan is too crowd and headache traffic jam. Hate this? Go to Laoshan, wider road ,less people ,fresher air, with nice sea view houses, villas and apartments .The centre of Laoshan district is also convenient for life, but you’d better have a car if you chose some other area of Laoshan, specially the east area of Laoshan district. The reason is that finding a taxi there need take your time
Please also be noted that most Qingdao international schools are located in Laoshan district, you can choose there if the kids need go to international schools and don’t want to waste time on the road.

Step 3:Leasing Contract Negation
Once an apartment has been chosen, usually the rent and deposit are given directly to the landlord. If the lease contract is signed for a long period ,e.g one year, you might be get a better price. Normally the landlords in Qingdao will ask the tenant to pay the rent of one year in advance, some of them can accept the payment to be paid by half a year or there months, of course the rent price will be higher than yearly payment. Only quite few landlords in Qingdao can accept the rent to be paid by month. Of course a good agent such as Home Solutions can help you get a better and satisfied result.
Don’t forget that the contract should be written in both English and Chinese, then you can check detail about the rental items.

Step4: Others
The payment of water, gas, electricity, phone, internet, and heating etc for each apartment might be different, so check detail when you sign the lease..
The heating fee of some apartments have been included into the rental fee, otherwise you will have to pay it before the middle of Nov of each year. Water and gas fees are either included in the rent, or paid every two month by yourself . Tap water is not drinkable in Qingdao, so you can equip a water dispenser (can be found at many supermarkets ) for your cold drinking water. Home Solutions Real Estate can help you to do this and they will provide all the tenancy management during your stay in Qingdao.
Also please remember some essential telephone nos, e.g the Police tel in China is 110 ,Fire tel is 119 ,but not 911.You can check the relocation info of http://www.relocationtoqingdao.com for more detail.

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